AWARD School

Advertising finds its way into most things I make. So I went to Ad School.

AWARD School is an industry led course in creative advertising. I was given a fictional brief each week – for which my responses are below.

I spent a short while at Sydney agencies ZOO, Ogilvy and JOY. I then returned to painting.

img-715183316-0001Brief 1 (above)

  • Client: The Apple Advisory Board of Australia*
  • Product: Apples
  • Media: Poster
  • Target Audience: Australian adults
  • Single-minded proposition: Apples are good for you


Brief 2

  • Client:  Banana Boat
  • Product:  Banana Boat SPF 50+
  • Media:  Outdoor
  • Target Audience: Outdoorsy types
  • Single-minded proposition: Spend more time in the sun


Brief 3 

  • Target Audience: Readers of News Corp publications that have a social conscious and wish to help the homeless and service providers who may be able to assist the homeless.  
  • Media: Print
  • Product: Askizzy -a free online directory for homeless and near homeless Australians that use location-based services to identify nearby resources
  • Client: Ask Izzy 
  • Single-minded Proposition: Connect the homeless  

unnamed (2)     

Brief 4

  • Client: FIN
  • Product: Electronic Cigarettes
  • Media: TV (30 secs)
  • Target Audience: Cigarette smokers
  • Single-minded proposition: Get your life back


Brief 5

  • Client: Tefal
  • Product: Non-stick pans
  • Media: Radio (30 secs)
  • Target Audience: Anyone who cooks
  • Single-minded proposition: Nothing sticks


Brief 6

  • Client: McDonald’s
  • Product: Create Your Taste
  • Media: Integrated (three or more media with one core idea)
  • Target Audience: Gourmet burger lovers
  • Single-minded proposition: Create your ultimate gourmet burger


Brief 7

  • Client: fitbit
  • Product: fitbit
  • Media: Digital
  • Target Audience: Health conscious – any age
  • Single-minded proposition: The best way to track your fitness

unnamed (1)

Brief 8  

  • Client: Australian Government
  • Product: Alcohol and Violence Awareness 
  • Media: Digital
  • Target Audience: Young males
  • Single-minded proposition: one punch can kill


Brief 9  

  • Client: Duracell
  • Product: Quantum batteries
  • Media: Promotional/Experiential 
  • Target Audience: Anyone who uses batteries
  • Single-minded proposition: Duracell lasts longer than any other battery

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